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Dear Patrons,

Being raised in a lower middle class family, premium housing was a distant dream and even as a child my only aspiration was to have my own independent house. I became more determined towards my goal of not only having a home for myself but to become a provider of housing for all when I saw even a Qualified Businessmen luring and duping housing aspirants. With this determination. I completed my AMIE Civil despite hardships on my family. I plunged into the construction industry and paved the way towards my lifelong dream. It was the year 2000, when fuelled by my passion to make housing a reality, I started my own enterprise under the Rachana banner.

It’s been over 20 years since and there has been no looking back! We have successfully completed several projects of various magnitudes. I am proud that my passion hasn’t limited itself to simply building affordable housing and has evolved to focus on higher levels of creativity, utilization of spaces and most importantly, the skill to create housing which exceeds all expectations. I have a long way to go but with the undying support of my dedicated team of associates, I aspire to quickly reach newfound heights!

Your support and encouragement has fuelled Rachana and driven all our growth. I look forward to having this support forever so our dream of sustainable and delightful housing for all comes true in all its glory.



Managing Director, Rachana Constructions

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